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About Healthathon Tech.
About Healthathon

At Healthathon we have crafted a tool that will forever change your relationship with being healthy - be it fitness, nutrition, mental well-being or lifestyle.

No more biting off more than you can chew, no more mad dash sprints to lose weight, or crazy mountains to conquer like that of a zero carb diet, no more circling back to the beginning every few months.

But just a daily adventure of your choice, with hits and yes, some misses, peppered with fun and cheer, moving ahead little by little everyday and building that health muscle... for that marathon called life.

Why Are We doing this?

Our Vision

At Healthathon we want to use the power of technology and science to empower you to be your most healthy self, and thereby significantly reduce the emotional, economic and social burdens of curative care.






Why are WE doing this?
Why HH

Holistic health is like a living and breathing organism and not just about our bodies. It is about the whole...‘the ability to adapt and to self-manage’ when facing physical, mental, and social challenges [Huber et al, 2011].

It is a resource and not just a state. A personal journey of gaining strength and making improvements. It is your individual journey (given your age, medical condition, lifestyle, social situation etc.) and about having the ability to to fulfill your unique potential and pursue a joyful life.

One needs to engage with their health day in and day out. Get to know it more intimately and not just when struck with a bout of illness or at the annual physical checkup, if at all. Have a positive relationship with it and not fear it. Know what works and what does not. Live with it. Work on it. Measure it. Improve it little by little.

So let’s stop being guilty of crash diets and warrior workouts just to look good for that december wedding, of fretting more and doing less, of smoking more and sleeping less, of surfing more and communicating less, of being boxed into "packages" only to unpack at a later date.

Let’s make health a lifelong joyful journey. Let’s Happily Health.

An engaging tool to empower you to take on and build everyday health practices and buy health related services that are relevant and timely.
Build healthy habits for life

The Happily Health App

By leveraging the best of science and technology, we are able to help you be your best self.


Physical Fitness

From just being more active in your daily life to running a marathon. Do what best fits you and what you enjoy.


Eat out better, get more ambitious & wean off excess sugar or maybe be more aware of the processed foods you buy.


Become more aware of your drinking habits or sleep better or just floss more. Watch what you do and how it affects you.

And More

The road to your health and well-being has just begun. Come, join us on this joyous journey to discover a healthy you, the one you were always meant to be.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Our Thoughts
The Shoelace Practice
by Your Body  |  TODAY

Hey you, yes I am talking to you
I can see you sitting
You think you could stop the scrolling for just a sec
Get up
Yes, now...don’t worry, no one is looking
Try to touch your toes
Yes, you can pretend that you are tying your shoelaces
No we won’t tell anyone if you did or you did not
It’s our little secret
Smiling yet?
Just Happily Health

The Breakup
by Your Body  |  TODAY

I know…
But I won’t tell anyone
Well done though
I'm kind of proud of you
You’ve broken up with sugar
Okay okay...its not a break up break up
Yes fine, you are just getting some space
It suits you though…
You know that don’t you..
Yes, the jeans fits just right
Smiling yet?
Let’s Happily Health

It's all in your head
by Your Mind  |  TODAY

Hey, I think I see smoke
No no..
No need to look around
If I could be honest..
I Think it’s bellowing from your ears
Your mind is a tad over heated that’s all
With those thoughts whirling inside your head
Tell you what
How about you go for a walk
Just to the park closeby or even to buy some bread
Yes it can just be a slow tread
Soon you will be smiling, though not yet
Just Happily Health